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Healthy Isn’t illness-Free

Ever know someone who leads the healthiest lifestyle yet ends up with cancer. Or someone who has lived past 90 yet indulges in vices like alcohol and tobacco.

Physical, Mental and Emotional Health Counts

Stress and depression also contribute to sickness.
Many patients wake from a coma due to a strong willpower to live. Without mental health, they would not have pulled through.

A Different Kind
of Diagnosis

It’s impossible to have full-body check-ups each time you fall ill. BaZi can help point out the areas of which one is vulnerable to illness or sickness and thus allowing prior precaution to be taken.


Feng Shui is one way to discover the reasons behind your sickness or illness. The room that you are often using can influence your health greatly. This way, you can avoid the bad influence of the room if you are forewarned.
And as the saying goes: Prevention is better that cure.
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