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Interior Design with Feng Shui & BaZi

Zen, minimalist and Victorian styles have been all the rage. Interior designing has become a crucial player in value adding restaurants, boutiques and homes. But in a race to be the most aesthetically outstanding, are we forgetting practicality and comfort.
Aesthetic Shouldn’t be Top Priority
People should be the most important factor in designing a home, as they are the ones who will be affected by their living space. Sharp edges around the house as well as features prone to causing injuring are not only accident-prone; they are bad energy influences on a person.

Turning the Home into a Temple
This is what many people do in their pursuit to enhance the energy in specific areas of the home. Many books on Feng Shui teach on the different objects to place around the house to get rich quick.

But be warned: these objects are only symbolic of elements that will enhance or tone-down energy so as to create a positive environment. Feng Shui is an articulate subject and activating wrong areas of the home subconsciously may be disastrous.
Ensuring Every Member of the Home is Happy
Feng Shui isn’t all about wealth. It’s about enhancing the energy in the environment so that we can live comfortably. Feng Shui of the home can affect studies, career, and relationships within and outside the family as well as wealth.

By matching the Kua number of each family member with respect to the rooms and location, they are able to have a more positive environment to work and rest.
A Home that Improves Lives
By knowing the kind of energy that resides in the specific areas of the home can allow you to tap into them in relevance to your needs. For example certain areas of the house are conducive for studying and should be used by people who are pursuing academic qualifications for studying.

Different areas of the house can also affect your character, sleep and wealth.
The Macro Environment
It doesn’t mean that if the Feng Shui within the house is good that the lives of the family members will be better. The landforms surrounding the area will also affect the energy of the home. Thus, it is also crucial to know your surroundings before buying a home.
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