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Developing Your Child's Full Potential

Understanding your Child

It’s a common behaviour that most parents of any race or cultural background bring up their children with a set of standards and expectations. Some have taken the time to understand the real potentials and allowed the child freedom to fully explore and excel. Others, sadly, would rather take control of what they want their children to do or be. 

Your Child is not your Second Chance


It is common that most of us use our past experiences as our guides and benchmarks towards the education of our children. This has sometimes resulted in the child’s unhappiness and misery. To some extend, it causes strain in the parent-child relationship. If we can accept that everyone born in this world is a unique individual and has a set of qualities that is awaiting to be nurtured and developed, there would be less unhappy children and grown-ups.



Everyone is Different


Each of us is born with a blueprint derived from the date and time of birth. Depending on whether this is interpreted from western or eastern astrology, one can learn to decode this data and understand the characteristics and qualities of an individual. BaZi, a simple Chinese system for analysis of one’s birth data has a comprehensive and highly accurate way of interpreting one’s journey in this lifetime. This system allow you to find out:
1.        Characteristics of one’s behaviour and his/her strength and weaknesses.
2.        The hidden potential and talents of a person in different phases of a person’s life. For example, A person who may not like academic studies during his/her younger age could have a sudden change at a much older age to pursue his or her academic achievements or vice versa.
3.        The potential health threats at different age or luck cycles.
4.        Potential careers that will bring satisfaction and optimal performance or profession that will bring wealth and not necessary happiness or satisfaction.
5.        Social relation capabilities and responsiveness.
6.        Ability to follow laws and regulations or rebel against social norms.
7.        Whether a person is a born leader or a follower.
8.        The luck cycles that compliment and bring good fortune or the exact opposite. This will allow one to be prepared and capitalize on the good times and to lie low during the unfavourable timing.

There are plenty of obvious benefits one can receive through a BaZi consultation. From our day to day experiences, we have helped bridge sore relationships between parents and children; sort out misunderstandings, improved the health conditions of the child, assisting the parents to know their child better in their needs and most importantly a guidance that will allow parents to invest their money and time in the suitable areas that will benefit the growth and development of a star-in-the making. 

The Environment
Knowing your environmental factors are important as they will also affect the well-being and development of the child’s potential. The bed and study location will affect the child’s performance and health condition. A Feng Shui audit can effectively point out the threats to be avoided and allow the child to tap into positive energies that can balance the child’s emotion as well as improving academic performance.

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Start planning and get to know your child better today. This will help you to invest effectively for your child’s future.


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