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What Our Students Say

Informative and continual learning. Tutorial and interactive times are important to increase one’s knowledge and wisdom. Thank you, Helen

Jaya, BaZi (Singapore)


I am glad that I make it for this course. I am excited to chart the Ba Zi and apply in my daily life. Helen is a very good facilitator and coach. I am very comfortable with her.

 Susan Ong, BaZi (Singapore)


Your explanation of Bazi was clear precise and to the point. An excellent teacher.

Marie Collins, BaZi (UK)

In the search for a clearer deeper understanding of feng Shui, along with several requests put out to teachers who have the knowledge I want – I found her right on my doorstep.

Marie Collins, Feng Shui (UK)


The practical knowledge is extremely useful as it bridges the knowledge to application. I have attended other Feng Shui class but this class gives a much better overview and most importantly, it explained the co relationship between BaZi, Flying Stars and Land Form.

Mr Song, BaZi (Singapore)


Helen is very generous with sharing of her knowledge for both BaZi and Feng Shui with her students. With her tight schedule, she still thinks for her student's welfare. Gather them to tutorial class; ensure they do keep in touch with their learning. Keep it up Helen. You have done a great and selfishness tasks.

Mrs Lim, BaZi and Feng Shui (Singapore)



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