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Our Philosophy

Senses- The Art of Living Pte Ltd, seeks to harness the ancient wisdom of Metaphysics to better our modern day lifestyle.
Man has tried to defy and exploit Nature in ways that have resulted in pollution and the depletion of the health of all living creatures. Here at Senses, we believe that the greatest healer is Nature. Understanding and allowing Nature to take its course will guide us to a happy and holistic existence.
We understand that each one of us has a role as a part of the Universe and that change in our surroundings is constant.
Senses is constantly adapting and improvising to improve lives.
We value and put emphasis on life as a whole instead of prioritizing material wealth and achievements.
Senses also believes that being blessed with education and knowledge, it is vital that we lend a helping hand, to the less fortunate and all in need of our help, to our best effort.
With the blessings of the knowledge of Metaphysics, we hope to expand into new areas such as health & child development of which we share the principles of morality.
With encouraging responses and acknowledgements, Senses strives to continue to take the principles of ancient knowledge to another level and bring happiness into people’s lives.
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